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    Women Who Inspire: Cassy

    I’m working on a passion project called Women Who Inspire. I decided to start offering beauty portraiture for women who may not be as comfortable doing boudoir photography. This will be an amazing way for women to celebrate themselves, their relationships with sisters, mothers, grandmothers and all of the amazing women in their lives. In the process I wanted to highlight various women in my life who inspire me, as well as others.

    So first up on Women Who Inspire is this little firecracker, Cassy. I’ve been going to Body of Appleton now since December and Cassy is one of my favorite instructors. Every week she continues to amaze and inspire me. Her support and determination to see me and others succeed makes me want to try even harder. Even on days when I really don’t want to work out, she pushes me to work through it and does it with her beautiful smile. On days when I wanna give up or quit she doesn’t let me. I feel like she’s my little cheerleader encouraging me always, to try harder, and go longer and I love her for it! So I thought she would be the perfect candidate for this little project of mine.

    Cassy was thrilled when I asked her and totally willing to be part of this passion project. So we spent an chilly afternoon together a couple of weeks ago and this woman is even more amazing than the little solider I’ve gotten to know in class. I discovered that Cassy’s has already accomplished so much at just 19 years old! She is already a world class lifter for team USA! In fact Cassy will be attending the 2014 World Bench Press competition in Denmark coming up May 17th-25th! She hopes to bench 200 lbs, um I’m dying doing arm circles with 2 lb weights lol !!! Cassy’s passion is helping family and others achieve their goals in fitness & health and her ultimate goal is to one day be a personal trainer. Her friends and family have got to be so proud of her, I know I am!

    I asked Cassy a few questions and here’s what she had to say:

    • How do you define beauty: “Beauty is an individualized glow that everyone has. It’s our choice on how much we let it show.”
    • Who Inspires you most in your life: “People who inspire me are my Mother (Judy), my brother (Freddy), and my God.”
    • When do you feel the most beautiful: “I feel most beautiful when I let my hair down, smile, and I’m wearing leggings and T-shirt.”
    • What would you say to any young girls struggling with self-esteem or body issues: “To young girls struggling with self-esteem/beauty/body issues I would tell them to always treat and look at their body with love and respect physically and emotionally. No matter your appearance you were given talents, strengths, and an individual personality nobody is like you in the world so to embrace them is only fair to our creator who gave them to us in the first place. I am a strong believer in always trying to improve but that never means you can’t be content as well.”

    I’m in awe of her determination, confidence and strength she exudes especially being so young. She is wise beyond her years, that’s for sure! I just adore her.

    Not only am I totally motivated and inspired by Cassy but I find myself wanting to help her reach her goals as well. I feel it’s really important to give back to people if you can… She has given me so much support, encouragement and hugs on my journey to a healthy lifestyle that I’d love to help her on her journey to Denmark … I don’t often ask for donations but I believe in her and I believe in the cause and I’d love to this beautiful young woman represent us. So I’m asking all of you out there to help her get to Denmark to compete in May, her friends and family have put together a link where you can donate on GoFundMe.  Any little bit will help,  a dollar, five, skip the Starbucks for one morning and donate instead lol… Whatever you can give would be amazing! Cassy, inspires and gives to so many people, I want to help her reach her goal and get her to Denmark so she can REPRESENT!

    Empowering women is very close to my heart, making women feel good about themselves, giving them a space to celebrate themselves is what inspires me, pushes my creativity and feeds my soul! I hope you are as inspired by this beautiful soul as much as I am… Thank you for all you do Cassy and for helping me along this journey I’m on. Forever grateful xo- laurie marie



    Special Thanks to Amanda Lagious of The One Makeup Artistry for hair + makeup

    Do you know someone who inspires you? Do you inspire others? Nominate yourself or other women you’d like to see part of this “Women Who Inspire” project. Please email me at in the Subject line put: Women Who Inspire and describe to me who and why they should be nominated. I can’t wait to hear from you!

    • Barb Schimmelpfenning

      Very beautiful photo shoot. Cassie, the Schimmelpfenning family has enjoyed getting to know you and thankful you are part of our lives.ReplyCancel

    • Cassy Freeman

      Laurie Marie this was such a fun and wonderful experience and so much fun to just be with you!ReplyCancel

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