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    When Life Gives You Rain… Find A Barn!

    A couple of weekends ago Tamra & Derek tied the knot. The dresses were gorgeous, the people were fantastic, the weather, not so much! I blame Buckley lol, ever since I shot a wedding with her back in May my lucky no rain streak has broken lol. No seriously it had to happen sometime and I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding party for it to have happened to. Everyone was so ready and willing to help out and make it happen. Following the ceremony we were ready to head out and I knew the second we stepped outside it wasn’t going to be good, the sky was dark and the wind was blowing, so hard that Andrea flashed her cousin lol. You know that kind of creepy/eery weather you get when a tornadoes coming… Well we lucked out on any tornadoes but the rain was not so kind. It poured. :( So with my cat-like reflexes and charm (lol ya right). I asked Paul of VIP limos if he would mind turning the limo around, I told him I wanted to go back to the white barn I had seen just a mile or so back and ask the owner if we could use it.

    Thank god Tamra was such an easy-going bride and was down for whatever! I told her the new plan and I ran out in the rain to ask if he would save my ass. I could tell he was a bit hesitant, he was worried that it was to messy lol. I told him it wont matter and he said sure I’ll go get my shoes. This man was so awesome, he not only let us use the barn but he brought out a bottle of RumChata or something to share with the wedding party. I feel awful I can’t remember his name, I was so wrapped up in getting the job done that I completely forgot it. Anyways he was my personal hero for the day.

    The barn couldn’t have been more perfect. A perfect way to make lemons out of lemonade.

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