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    Humanitarian Jobs in The Dominican Republic

    What If 2013 Humanitarian Project: For The Children of Los Manantiales, Dominican Republic

    Words can’t describe the joy that resonates in my heart after spending time doing humanitarian jobs in the Dominican Republic even if it was just a few short hours with the kids of Los Manantiales school. Many of us “What If’ers” could not speak Spanish and many of the kids couldn’t speak English, but it was truly amazing how we found other ways to communicate and understand one another.

    We played games, brought them school supplies, sporting equipment, shared games and painted together as a group; as a community. Just learning from one another. Not to long ago their school was just a shade tree where children would gather and teachers would give lessons. Today, a colorful school with amazing teachers give hundreds of kids an opportunity to learn, grow and to reach for a better life. My heart goes out to each and every one of the kids and teachers. I hope they too will be able to fulfill their dreams and make themselves and the world a better place. xo-laurie marie


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