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    What Happens In Vegas… Stays, with Me: My Experience with Jesh De Rox’s workshop LIFE {As An Artform} & WPPI

    This last week has been life changing for me. I made the plane ride out to Las Vegas to do a workshop with Jesh de Rox and attend a bit of WPPI at the MGM Grand. I was out there for about a week and I will never forget it. I made a lot of new friends and had personal moments with each of them, got tattooed, went and saw the Cirque de Soleil show “Love” at the Mirage and left with a new pair of eyes.

    Image courtesy of Cirque Du Soleil Website

    Some experiences are meant to be shared, others are meant to be kept to yourself …this one I’m keeping to my self. All I can tell you is that Jesh has changed my life forever and the way I see the world. For that I am forever grateful, thank you for sharing your heart, your knowledge, your soul… your friend always- laurie marie

    And to all of my new friends; Shar, Jeremy, Calvina, Katie, Nicole, Mary, Dana, David, Amy, Lee Ann, Josh, Lucy and Kathi, my life has been enriched just by knowing you… hope to see you all soon. :)

    I will close with a caption from my journal used in the past week: “last night was as though I was seeing with a new pair of eyes…the strip seemed to come alive with electric color… I wonder where I”ll go, I wonder what I’ll see next…

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