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    Streams of Unconsciousness: The Traveling Bed

    Ok here’s a doozy of a dream. It took place last October, I took a ride on the traveling bed and it started like this. I was at home and couldn’t figure out why there were no kids at home. I asked Keith and his reason why the kids weren’t home sounded fishy. They said they had to clean their rooms at the old house. I said there is nothing at the old house?! All of a sudden some girl showed up saying oh my god I just made out with my brother and wow we are getting really close. Um gross?! We aren’t really brother and sister she said so it’s ok. I couldn’t believe the BS so I had to get outta there. I hopped on this car bed and pushed myself down the street. The only thing was it was a mattress frame with little wheels and a thinner mattress, no steering wheel, no tires, nothing. I slept while it drove us.

    It felt like I was driving  down the highway  for forever and I didn’t have to steer until I came to a area that looked like I might crash. I put my leg down to steer off the road and then crashed into a little shack, it looked a bit like a chicken coop but there weren’t any chickens. I got up, fixed my bed and pushed it out of the shack. It then turned into this little room where a Slavic woman was selling makeup, like a Mary Kay sort of thing. A few women bought some, I was going to purchase a mini lipstick, but she said they were closing. On my way out I asked her what city I was in and she said Pakistan. Pakistan?! I don’t even know where the heck that is on a map, how did I end up here? She walked me out and explained every store was different because merchants knew it was tacky to compete with the same items.

    As I walked up to the street trying to figure out where the heck I was going and how I was going to get home before  dark, I was driving a bed after all, so it didn’t exactly have headlights … Down the road I saw a big green and gold bus pull up and the whole Stolley family got off (my college professor and his family). I wanted to talk to them but I was afraid the bus would leave without me. I hopped on and took a seat. The bus had been facing the direction I had came from so I thought he’d be heading back the same way. But then he spun the bus around and headed in a different direction. I walked up to the front of the bus and sat in the first seat next to this guy. I asked the driver where we were headed but before I finished he cut me off and started yelling at me about crossing the line. I apologized and asked again. Please I’m just trying to get back home, can you please tell me where we are going.

    He laughed and said we are going to Marriott, then we will be heading back to Madison. (From Pakistan mind you lol) By now a few other guys had jumped up front as well. The driver then put his arm into this mechanical arm thing he had on his left side and proceeded to operate the metal arm extension to pull one of the guys back from the yellow line. Then one of the guys said “wow man your like the terminator” it somehow softened the driver and the guys started geeking out about it. He said watch this and made an arm come out over my head and tried to grab me but I fought back and stuck a huge wad of gum on it, punched it a few times then I woke up.

    Mmmmmhhhhmmm. A traveling bed, well I have nothing to say about this. lol

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