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    Thirty-Six Plus Tries and Still Standing!

    So you may have heard I’m re-branding, yup sure am. So in my attempts to put myself out there more (in the world I guess), I am trying to get some profile images together to use on my site. So after 36-plus attempts, I may have found a few that will work! I think that, in the search for my not-so-perfect shot, I scared the neighbors a bit! If anyone was watching they definitely are thinking “oh that girl is so not right”. :)

    Here I am shooting myself with the iPhone in my car for like 15 minutes. My first attempts of making faces… you know the ones, those not-so-cute, not-so-sexy ones, while failing miserably. So I thought “hmm music gets me jazzed” and I love to dance, so lets find something to “put me in the mood” so to speak. ha ha Well these went a little better but still not great lol. After all was said and done I think a found 3 or 4 I like enough to use, and the neighbors are going to have me committed but it was kinda fun trying anyways. I thought someone might get a laugh outta these?! I know I did.

    R a v e s   &   R e v i e w s
    S o c i a l i z e
    P r e s s
    P a s t   P o s t s