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    Things that make you go hmmm- things to think about: Picking The Perfect Song

    The first dance, mother son and father daughter dances are potentially the most important dances you’ll ever step to. So picking the music is really important. I remember during the planning of my own wedding spending hours finding just the right songs.

    I thought about where I was in life and how far I had come and remember a time that I felt I would never meet my perfect match and in January of 06 I did. We married in October of 2007 and I felt like it was finally my turn. So I asked my soon to be hubby if he had ever heard of Etta James… I had been listening to her for several years and for whatever reason that song stuck out to me. So I had him listen to the song “At Last” and he too was hooked. It was important to me that we pick a song that had meaning to both of us and after listening to the lyrics he too felt as though it was a good fit.

    Same went for my father daughter choice. I also had one extra song to choose. I really felt it was important at my wedding to give my son a dance so I had to pick the perfect song. I hadn’t cried all day until that moment when I danced with Austin and everyone who knew us and our story were in tears as well. It was a moment I will never forget.

    I feel no matter what song you pick, pick something that has meaning to you. Listen to the lyrics, pick songs that tug at your heart-strings, its ok to show some emotion, its one of the biggest days in your life. It will be amazing and you will never forget. And if you’re not a mush ball like me then pick something fun and playful like my New Years bride. She knew her dad was a big Elvis fan and she wore blue suede shoes just for their special dance. I love the energy that poured out of these two :)!

    Little side note, I had “At Last” engraved into my hubby’s ring and he to this day says it’s his favorite book. :)

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