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    Things That Make You Go Hmmm… Things To Think About : Are You Present?

    So I think I may have figured out a way to “get my blog on” more consistently. I’m going to have regularly scheduled blog topics. Like this one. “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…” This weekly listing will cover ideas, events and other things I think about that happen in day-to-day life. Keep in mind these are just things to think about, not take them as gospel… So let’s get started. :)

    Every wedding season I think about this particular topic: HOW PRESENT ARE YOU? When you attend a wedding or an event, are you present? Or are you so wrapped up in how to use your electronic device that you have no idea of what just happened? “What’s so funny?”, “Why is everyone crying?”…

    No matter what wedding I’m shooting I see so many guests tuned into their phones, digital cameras, video recorders and other devices that I often wonder just how much of the experience are they really taking in? And it’s not just weddings.. its everyday life. As a society we are so wrapped up in our gadgets and equipment that we are forgetting to unplug and have true experiences. I’m guilty of it myself. I hear a ding from my iphone and I’m checking my phone for emails, facebook or anything that sets it off!

    Capturing memories is important of course but so is having experiences. Missing an amazing speech a father gives to his daughter or a best friend gives his best man is all too precious to miss out on because you don’t know how to turn the darn flash on!

    Professionals are hired to capture these moments happening around you, it’s the guests job to remember those moments; what the flowers smelled like, how the cake tasted, how the music made you feel, the heartfelt moments between the bride and groom, the way he looked at her, to experience the moments and look back on the images to help you remember how all those moments felt. All I’m saying is remember to unplug sometimes and just be present in whatever it is you are doing. After all what good is an image if you don’t know why it’s special?…

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