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    Things That Make You Go Hmmm… The Wedding Ring Finger

    The other day my ever so witty husband read an article on why the wedding ring finger is placed on the left hand. Apparently it was once believed by the Roman’s that the left ring finger had a vein that lead directly to the heart, being a symbol of love. Blessing the wedding ring and putting it on the brides finger dates back to the 11th century, of course they now know that it isn’t true but cute none the less.

    I had honestly never thought about it but I think it’s kinda sweet :)!  So wear those rings proudly girls! :)

    • Pandao

      Someone told me the other day that the reason for wedding rings is back when men used to just carry a woman off to be their bride, they would tie a string from their finger to a stake in the ground and keep them like that until they stopped trying to escape. Than they freed them and put a ring on their finger to remind them of their captivity, so they wouldn’t run off. Of course this was told to me by someone in a bar, and my patrons do like to yank my chain…ReplyCancel

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