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    The Un-Photographed Photographer

    As a photographer I am always photographing everyone else’s lives and I forget to photograph my own sometimes. Even when I do shoot my own I’m always the one out of the shots. I was recently asked to be a guest speaker for a week on Facebook for Exposures where I style and they needed a profile pic from me. Oh shoot! I have very few images of myself and definatly not many recent ones!

    So today I spent some time in the studio trying to shoot myself! ha ha Let’s just say it isn’t easy getting shots of yourself. This session with myself solidifies the reason why friends and family insisted that I hire a photographer for my wedding. lol If I would have shot my own wedding and it went like today… let’s just say disaster would have struck and I may still be trying to shoot it…. That was 4 years ago!

    There was alot of this... oops cut my head off!

    Closed eyes and crazy faces!

    You would think using a mirror would make things easier... Not so much!

    A rapper in one and bored in the other! ha ha

    My forehead looks huge here! lol Don't look!

    A couple of favorites :)

    I like this one :)

    “Like Exposures” online and watch me fumble all week ha ha … Just teasing! It will be great! xoxo- laurie marie

    • Laurie you are so talented. All the pics of yourself are really cool! I give you so much credit for taking pics of yourself since that is really tough. Nice job. These are awesome!ReplyCancel

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