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Another Year Older & Time To Be Brave

It’s taken me a year to build up the courage to share this… Fear has held me back. But I recentlyView full post »

A Very Mini Cooper Christmas

This is the first Christmas in our new house so naturally I wanted Christmas to be really special this year. I figureView full post »

boudoir makeup

Boudoir Photos For My Sister

Boudoir photos for my sister, one of the biggest highlights of last week. My sister had asked me if she could do aView full post »

What If 2013

What If 2013: What If, I Stopped Wrestling the Demons In My Head

Every once in a while we have to say “enough is enough” and start doing. This past week at the What IfView full post »

Five Favs Friday: Five of My Favorite Things This Week

Five Fav Songs This Week: I’m all over the place musically this week and so I thought I’d share some of myView full post »

Fav Five Friday: My Five Favorite Things This Week

1. Spending some time with an old friend and her pup Spud. 2. My coffee visit with friends and the cutest little girlView full post »

felt heart garland

Project 365 Grateful: Day 17 Doctors and Broken Hearts

365 Grateful: Day 17 Doctors and Broken Hearts Yesterday was a day of hearts, some found, some bought, some broken andView full post »

We’ve reached another milestone…

Today my son Austin turns 18. Yes I said 18 and this is by far one of the hardest most emotional posts I’ve everView full post »

Thirty-Six Plus Tries and Still Standing!

So you may have heard I’m re-branding, yup sure am. So in my attempts to put myself out there more (in the worldView full post »

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