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    Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin: Engagement Session with Heather & Nic

    Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin: Engagement Session with Heather & Nic

    Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin is where this fun day with Heather & Nic took place :)! Heather and Nic are two of the sweetest and funniest people I’ve met and we spent the day in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin together. Deacon also took a little field trip with us. He is their German Shepard they rescued about two months prior and he is just a sweetie pie :)! We became buds pretty quick although I’ll admit it’s probably because I had a pocket of bacon treats. Once we got up to Sturgeon Bay we went for a walk around Cave Point. I have been up there before but this was a very different landscape. With all of the ice covering the rocks and trees lakeside it looked a bit eerie. Still very cool though. I’ve never been there in the winter, the ice shoves along the shore and big chunks of ice floating made Lake Michigan seem like a big slushy. Heather and Nic spend time up there in the winters snow shoeing so we thought it would be fun place to do their session.

    Naturally after spending so much time out in the cold we needed a way to warm up so what better way than a wine tasting at Parallel 44. Sheila, the woman working that day was so hospitable and knowledgable when it came to the wines, we had a few laughs, tried a variety of wine and ended up taking a few bottles home.

    Our last stop in Sturgeon Bay was Butch’s Tavern! Heather & Nic have stopped there a few times and wanted to share it with me. :) I got the chance to meet Clarence, the sweetest little old man and owner of Butch’s Tavern . The building was built in 1842 and Clarence has owned it for the last forty-two years. Butchs’ is an old school tavern with cheap beer, pizza and entertainment. I just love bars like that. They have a familiar feel, maybe it’s because I have fond memories of my grandparents taking me down to the local tavern once in a while when we’d come to visit. We’d play pool and darts, listened to the jukebox. I remember it made me feel all grown up. Cheap beer and pizza, was a great way to end this session. Thank you Heather & Nic for a wonderful and adventurous day. I can’t wait to drop it low with you at the wedding this coming October. xo- laurie marie


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    Special Thanks to Sara Miller for Hair and Makeup

    Clarence of Butch’s Tavern for the great bar food and atmosphere










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