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    Streams of Unconsciousness: Show Time

    For this weeks edition of Streams of Unconsciousness I was at a big White House, two stories at least and on the outside of the house was a super high staircase made of wood. Like the kind you see down on the docks. We were building a fence and for some reason these two ladies made me go upstairs with them to get something. The mail man told my neighbor about the fence we were building and he was all to unenthused… I can’t remember anymore what it was I went upstairs for though but I remember on the way back down the one old lady was slipping and almost knocked us all down her orthopedic shoes weren’t helping at all.

     Later I was riding a log in the woods and met a girl from a Broadway Show. She was telling me all about her wedding and how she wanted me to shoot it . She went on and on about how amazing it would be and how her fiancé smokes pot, so it would be super chill. lol Ok? She asked to meet up with her at the mall the next day. So we made our arrangements and got off the log.

    We had arrived in Vegas. Me and my super chubby bulldog had arrived! I don’t know why I had a dog with me, I don’t even own a dog currently? Lol But there we were and we were running late so we rushed to hand in our tickets and find out seats.  We had to go to the 9th floor, 6th row and 2nd seat. So we hustled it to the elevator. This was no ordinary elevator… It looked like an old phone booth the kind where you put on part up to your ear and the other to your mouth. But right before we both squeezed in a little boy tried hopping in with us. Normally I would have let him go first but we were running super late and if we didn’t get in right away we’d have to wait in the lobby for the first 20-30 minutes and miss the show. So we squished in and headed upstairs. Making it to our seats quickly I grabbed my chubby dog up onto my lap where he then turned into a chubby little adorable black baby. He began to whine and I wasn’t quiet sure how long he’d make it but for now he was entertained.

    Before the show started, a friend of mine had gotten up to go get something to drink. Which was kinda funny, up until this point she wasn’t even in this dream? Anyways she showed up and someone else tried to steal her seat. I said “excuse me, but I believe someone is sitting there”. They completely ignored me until she got back then they got up and moved. She took her seat and then I woke up. Guess I don’t get to see the show. lol Boo No show time for me and my baby.

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