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    Streams of Unconsciousness: A Night Out

    Today’s Streams of Unconsciousness about a crazy night out with some of my favorite people! So Keith and I went to a bar to play pool and dance. We setup the shots, ordered some drinks and started playing. Until the music we played wasn’t coming up on the jukebox. So Keith went to deal with the music meanwhile I went to get a cider drink, I had a bud light but couldn’t choke it down. After he struggled with the dollar going in and out over and over Keith asked me to see if I could try it because it just wasn’t working for him. I went to grab some money out of my pocket and pulled it through my hand to straighten it out, I got it all nice and crisp. I was just about to put it in the machine when I realized it was $100 bill. Whoa! “I don’t want to put that in there” and went to see if I could get some change.

    So while I was up at the bar Keith took his next shot. Although the table had now a shopping cart where tons of junk laid in it. Tea cups on saucers, wire, blocks, marbles… all kinds of obstacles in the way. We worked around it pushing the pool stick through the little metal openings on the side. Now it was my turn, I was next up and it was a really tough shot. But there were several people who had come over to cheer us on. This was the strangest game of pool ever?!

    Just then the phone rang and it was Rachel. She was in town and wanted me to come down to this restaurant that her and some other girls were at. So I did. I told Keith I’d be back in a bit and I’d call him once we were done. I headed over to the  restaurant, it wasn’t one I’d been at before. I sat down with the girls and ordered a quick bite. We sat and chatted, laughed about silly things like the fact that one of the girls moms was there, barely any teeth in her head and stringy greasy hair. That’s not why we were laughing though. We were laughing because Bryant Gumble had been dating her for forever and she wouldn’t give it up for the poor guy. He was so dedicated to her though that he wouldn’t leave her. We kinda felt bad for him. We looked him up and down and all thought, he’s a good-looking guy… if only he’d clean up a little, he’d be hot lol! You see he had a shaggy mullet and a huge bushy beard. He was dressed in a pants suit looking rather dapper otherwise. (Don’t ask me these are my crazy dreams)?

    Our meal was over and it came time to pay the bill. The waitress came over and set down the check, it came to $38.85. I thought it was a bit much seeing as how I had just ordered by myself but whatever. I pulled out a fifty dollar bill and set it down on the table where someone’s iPad laid open. I went to pick it back up and it had been sucked into the screen! It was framed with vignetted corners and would not come out?!

    I grabbed Rachel and asked her if she knew how to undo the framed corners so it would release and let the money out… She pulled up the menu screen and it released it, thank god! But when I went to pick it up is was like no other fifty I’d ever seen. It now had pictures of Cher in concert on one side and Aztec paintings on the other. I couldn’t pay with that so I had to grab some more money.

    We left the restaurant and headed over to some guys house. We started to get our drink on but didn’t want to drink too much because we still had to drive. So we grabbed some bottles and Rachel said ” oh this is gonna be so much fun going out, I’ve missed you”!lol I thought I’d call Keith and ask him to meet up with us. Meanwhile the cat in the house was running crazy circles in the middle of the floor in this dome like room set in the floor. It looked like some sort of Egyptian harem or something. Then I woke up.

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