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    Sonora Desert Museum: Tucson, Arizona

    Day 1 of our adventure began at the Sonora Desert Museum. I decided a few months back that I wasn’t going to attend Whatif 2014 this year, more on that later… I decided instead to spend some quality time with Austin and my parents in Tucson Arizona. My parents have been snow birds for the past four years or so and this was the first time we got to come down. So! Let the adventure begin!

    After three flights traveling all day Monday we made it here around 11pm safe and sound. Once we caught up on some sleep my parents walked us around the Prince of Tucson RV Park where they live five months out of the year. RV Parks are super popular around these parts :)! Visitors come and go, lots of snow-birds come down to escape the frigid cold winters and some stay all year round. I’m discovering to that there is a whole culture of its own to RV Park living and I gotta say its’ pretty fun. The people I’ve met here so far are just wonderful!

    So our first day we started the morning flipping through all the little pamphlets and info on Tucson. We all decided our first adventure would be to go to the Sonora Desert Museum. The museum has over twenty acres of land with two miles of walking paths. We got through about half of the museum that day but plan on going back another day. They have a couple hundred different animal species and thousands & thousands of different plant types. Some of my personal favorites are the variety of agaves & cactuses. By the time I’m done blogging this trip you’re gonna be so sick of seeing cactus. Ha ha, you’ve been warned! lol We saw prairie dogs popping out of holes (like whack a moles), humming birds that actually sat still ( I didn’t think they even did that?), wolves, baby deer and a ton of other desert wild life. In one area of the museum there was a tortuous exhibit. We didn’t end up seeing any turtles but Austin had some fun climbing into a shell made to look like a tortuous. It was meant for little kids but he fit! I was dying laughing. He made for a pretty cute turtle. lol

    At first glance someone might look at Arizona and think boring its just a big desert, but I see so much more! I see an amazing soft color palette, texture and a world full of culture. I love how the clouds play shadow puppets on the mountains and the sun heats up the desert floor which then radiates into my cold Wisconsin body. I love all of the varieties of cactuses and brush. Around March I hear it explodes with new blooms of color on plants and floral. I can’t wait to explore more of this amazing city and if you’re ever down here I’d say the Sonora Desert Museum is a must!

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    agave plant at the sonora desert museum

    tucson arizona

    cowboys and cactus
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    sonora desert plant life
    sonora desert wolf
    spring blooms in arizona
    wood pecker sonora desert

    shade stand in the sonora desert museum

    aviary of humming bird
    prairie dogs at the sonora desert museum
    sonora desert museum cactuses
    sonora desert museum exhibits
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    spring blooms in tucson arizona
    turtle at the sonora desert museum

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    turtle in tucson arizona
    cactus at the sonora desert museum
    prairie dogs in the desert

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