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    San Antonio

    Well this past week my good friend Rachel & I went to San Antonio for this years Imaging USA. The convention itself was amazing! I got all edumacated :)! The weather not so much; it was wet and cold almost every day (boo). The Riverwalk was beautiful and the food was really good. So I’ve decided to take you on a restaurant tour since that was the most inspiring thing about the trip outside of the convention.

    Riverwalk was cool but the mall was like any other… I thought there would be cute little boutiques and restaurants. There were restaurants but no boutiques.

    First lunch we had there was at Cafe Ole– very good margaritas and quesadillas!

    The river taxi’s didn’t run until the last day we were there… it was too cold and rainy most days.

    LaMadeleine: I love this place, I’d never been but oh do I wish we had some here!

    The salads were amazing and for a treat a skinny mocha :)!

    These looked so yummy but I was good :). I had to photograph them though… the stylist in me couldn’t resist!

    So pretty!

    Dessert anyone?

    Rosarios had amazing guacamole and tacos :)! Love the pink latticework too! ha ha

    The world of neon…

    Howl At The Moon piano bar had a great party sponsored by WHCC! Free drinks and snacks! Yeah!

    Casa Rio: We met up with some of our new friends from our SMA class. We had the pleasure of hearing some live Mariachi (click on the link to see the mini vid) as well!

    Boudro’s had to have been my favorite place by far.

    We met up with a girl from Sydney at Boudro’s for lunch in between classes. So cool to meet new people from different walks of life. We polished off a bottle of wine nicely before returning to class… Naughty naughty

    Some of the local artworks. The piece below was made all of blown glass.

    This was a tile mural at the local Harmony Cafe in San Antonio.

    Last day we finally saw the sun and it was glorious :)! Although by the end of the week we were both feeling a little overwhelmed and ready to come back.

    Margaritas are part of the food group right?
    This was our last day so we decided to be extra naughty! After a week of trying to be good… We got ours though, the darn pigeons were dive bombing us. They weren’t scared of anything.

    Oh and why did I think the Alamo was in the desert? So is not! Probably because thats how its portrayed in movies. In summary the education was great, food was good besides the weather it was a good trip. Can’t wait for next years Imaging USA it’s in New Orleans baby! whoot whoot!

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