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    Rainy Day with No Strings Attached at The New Moon

    As of yet I haven’t shared much of my personal life through blogging.  Although the idea of doing so is frightening, I think might be kind of nice to share pieces of me. I have a deep love and passion for music even though I can’t sing to save my life. I like to pretend, does that count?! I try to make it to live shows at least once a month or more whenever possible. One of my local favorites, I found a few years back at Handmade for the Holidays, Nicole Rae and The Traveling Suitcase.

    I was in awe of Nicole Rae & The Traveling Suitcase from the moment I heard them. I have since frequented many shows and along the way discovered other talent right here in Oshkosh. Oshkosh is really full of some amazing artists of all sorts. The Pegs were another one of those incredible talents and now these two song birds have come together to collaborate and create magic. Nicole and Steph recently started singing together and go by the name “No Strings Attached”. Can I just say I am in love with their music, ok I said it! So when they asked me if I could photograph them I was happy to do it. They are going to provide me with some music for my website and I am so psyched! This shoot was definitely on the favs list, I got to do what I love (shoot) and listen to them play while I shot. Due to the rain we kept indoors most of the time but next week the sun’s gonna shine and we’ll be finishing up then :). Here’s what we have so far… Check out some of the music on Youtube.

    R a v e s   &   R e v i e w s
    S o c i a l i z e
    P r e s s
    P a s t   P o s t s