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    Must See Moments: Stacy & Joey’s Surprise Note

    Since I wasn’t the best blogger last year I thought it might be fun to re-live some of my favorite memories from sessions and weddings of last year. This happens to be one of those moments that sticks out in my mind from last year’s weddings. Stacy & Joey wed in September. Prior to the ceremony Stacey wrote a little message to Joey so when they held hands during he would see it. It was really cute because all of the girls knew what was written so you could just see them trying to hold back the laughter. It was a really cute moment :). Scroll down to see what Stacey’s message to Joey was. :)

    R a v e s   &   R e v i e w s
    S o c i a l i z e
    P r e s s
    P a s t   P o s t s