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    my great nashville vacation

    Not often do I get the chance to take a vacation in the middle of summer but weddings just happened to be spaced that way this year so off we went. We took the ten-hour drive to Nashville with a few bathroom, Starbucks and museum stops along the way… Oh how I love the South…

    My hubby has loved cars his whole life so I did my wifely duties and went with him to the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. It was actually pretty cool and what I found most interesting was the passion and love that people had for their cars. Enough that they made and entire museum to one brand of car. 

    So on this trip Keith and I made a decision that we could not eat where we had ever been and we couldn’t eat anything we had ever tried before. Which made it an adventure in itself, in the south apparently the meat and three is a big thing. You pick your meat and your sides. So that was something new for both of us. We weren’t exactly counting calories on this trip…. First place we tried was Hog Heaven, a quant little shack down the road from our hotel in Vanderbilt. Not bad for our first stop, the macaroni and cheese down there was amazing. Oh and this was where the idea for our blog came to fruition.  We were discussing how fun it would be to write a blog together about our travels, adventures and marriage. So over the course of the week we gave it a name ” The Saucy Meatloaf” : One couple’s adventures in love, marriage & bestfriendship. Watch for it!

    The next morning we decided to check out the neighborhood and stop in at the Pancake Pantry for breakfast. I had the best pancakes ever, butternut squash pancakes with almond butter, yum :)! While we were eating breakfast the waitress ever so quietly mentions to the table next to us that Kevin Costner is here. My back was turned to the rest of the restaurant and I didn’t wanna make a scene or have the people next to us know what I had just heard, so I texted Keith telling him the news. He looks around and sure enough he spots him. So he tried to explain to me where he was at, again I didn’t wanna be totally obvious, the poor guy was just trying to have breakfast. So I decide I’ll just go to the restroom and take a peak when I come back. My plan was foiled, I came back out and he was gone :(. So hubby got to see him, I did not…

    After we left the Pancake Pantry we walked around and checked out some of the local shops. We stopped in at Social Graces which was an adorable fine paper and gift boutique store. I just loved their branding, so cute and if anyone is getting married in Nashville, I highly recommend giving them a look!  A Thousand Faces was a great gift shop just down the street. They had a lot of cute signs with sayings, silly mug faces and jewelry, lots and lots of jewelry. One of the last places we visited in the district was Retropolitan, this shop was right up my alley. The furniture and decor were so fun, I wanted to bring every bit of it home with me. Unfortunately we would have had to trade in the car for a U-haul van.

    Seeing as how we were eating lets just say better than we should we wanted to even things out so we went to Burgess Falls State Park and went hiking, checked out the falls and worked off the pancakes we had earlier. This park was beautiful, they had three water falls,  ( S, M, & L ).  I wish we would have known to wear our suits because at the end of the biggest falls you could climb down these huge stairs and swim at the bottom of the falls, something I’ve always wanted to do, next time :(.

    On our way back into Nashville we found a bus graveyard! It was so cool, busses from all over the United States where there. I could have stayed and shot their all day. But after a while I started to get creeped out and letting my head run wild. I started thinking about serial killers, back woods kidnappers and all kinds of crazies  jumping out, so we left. I didn’t feel like dying. lol

    One of our top fav restaurants from the trip was McDougals. They have the best chicken I’ve ever had hands down. Keith loved their wings so much that he had to take off his watch to eat them. They were super saucy, like me lol. Oh and when your done they give you little ice cream cups :). We broke the rules on this one, we did end up coming back at the end of the week…

    Later we checked out Boscos across the road where Keith tried their samplers, he’s a bit of a beer nerd. However I ended up finding a new cider that I really liked Angry Orchard. I was thrilled to find out they actually carry it by us now too! P.S. These are samplers below not whole pints. I didn’t want you thinking he has a problem lol.

    Le Peep made a fantastic breakfast stop before we headed to the Belle Meade Plantation. Let me just say I’ve now added this as one of my must shoot a wedding at places. The property is beautiful and I got a sneak peek at the facility when its setup and I got really excited. Oh and for the first time ever I saw a Magnolia tree, I’d love to see them in full bloom!

    We made a stop in Franklin after visiting the plantation. They had the cutest downtown and I found an amazing shop Philanthropy Fashion and Cowgirl Cupcakes! Pretty pretty yum yum. Oh and apparently Bret Michael’s likes cupcakes too??

    On our Nashville adventure we each found our new happy place. Keith found the best burger he ever had at Rotier’s and I found an amazing place called Pink Berry.

    I love the charm and history in Nashville, one of the cutest little restuarants we visited was The Loveless Cafe. Biscuits made from scratch, southern hospitality, legendary recipes and sweet decor. Once a motel for weary travelers, it is a must visit if you get down that way.

    While in Nashville we experienced a ton of live music and talent. One of our favorites was checking out the dueling pianos at The Big Bang Piano bar, we spent two of our five nights there. It was so so fun! The BB King Blues Bar was a fun day stop but man was there a crazy lady screaming for a manager when we first walked in. lol She freaked us out a bit with her shrilling ” I WANNA SPEAK TO A MANAGER”!!! We had a drink and took off after that lol. One and only weirdo we experienced… :) While on our mini pub walk we stopped in at the legendary Tootie’s World Famous Orchid Lounge and listened to some live music from some local musicians.

    Our trip was a ton of fun and it was nice spending time together laughing, playing and enjoying married life. This trip was a anniversary trip of sorts since we will shortly be celebrating our five-year anniversary and it was great to be able to celebrate it together. There is something so charming and warm about the south, it gives you a feeling of comfort and welcomes you. I hope to return soon…
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