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    my dainty daisies addiction strikes again!

    As you may have heard I will be moving my studio as of April 1st. So as you can imagine there is lots to plan and prepare for. I am so excited Michelle from dainty daisies has given me this opportunity and she has been super with allowing me to come in and measure and take photos to gear up for the move. I am super excited for Michelle as well she is preparing for a totally new rebranding and today I helped her  finish up her design for her new logo. It is sooo cute I can’t wait until she launches it :)! With spending so much time in dainty daisies lately inevitably shopping comes with it :)! Check out my latest finds!

    Fun & funky rings and some lovely wrist warmers by Tizzy Dee for when I shoot :)!

    If you wanna see more or get some goodies for yourself, check out her shop on Etsy :)!

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