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    A Very Mini Cooper Christmas

    This is the first Christmas in our new house so naturally I wanted Christmas to be really special this year. I figure it’s never to late to start new traditions, make memories, and create new adventures for all of us to take part in. I thought it would be fun to get a real tree, last time I had a real Christmas tree was when I was a little kid. It was so fun, all of us piling into the Mini Cooper and taking a trip to cut down our very own Christmas tree, you know like they did in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, minus the frozen faces and semi truck incident.

    Although we came very close, the roads were not the best so we decided to keep it a little more local and picked out a tree from this really cute little place I found outside of Appleton. We showed up and the nice man in the ice shanty offered us all candy canes, kinda felt a little lured lol. Chain saws, candy canes, ok I’ve been watching too many episodes of Dexter. The man was very nice and super helpful, I’ll definitely be back year after year to pick out our tree. After we selected the perfect tree we hoisted it up on the Mini Cooper. It was almost as big as the car, super fun driving home, we got a lot of looks and a few people took some pics of the sight. It was a really great morning spent drinking hot chocolates and coffees from Starbucks, it was great for all of us to hang out together.

    Decorating the tree was fun too, I hosted Christmas for the whole family this year and I was super excited to share the holidays with them all. I wanted to make it really special for everyone, it’s been a long road to get to this place and I wanted to make it as memorable as possible.

    Christmas Eve was so fun this year. I loved getting the chance to decorate our new house. Cream stockings by the fireplace, owls on the tree, red linens with reindeer napkin rings and omg the food was so good (thank you Pinterest! I made a Spicy Fruit-Stuffed Porkloin with Roasted Pears & Onions, Accordion Potatoes, & a yummy Pomegrante, Kale, Wild Rice with Feta & Walnut Salad. For dessert, my famous (among the boys) chocolate cherry cupcakes, mmm mmm! The kids had a blast opening presents, Austin especially got into the spirit of the holidays too. He had his shopping done weeks before I did. He thought it would be funny to duct tape his gifts for a couple people including his girlfriend Heather. He made her a numbered list of instructions on how to open her gifts too, funny stuff (poor girl).

    Seven Rules To Opening Your Gift

    1. Open only one gift at a time
    2. Once you open one complete object, stop
    3. No scissors or Cutco allowed
    4. Have fun
    5. You have to open it all in front of everyone even if you are crying or embarrassed
    6. No one can help you
    7. If you break any of these rules your gifts will be given to someone else or given to Goodwill

    My nephews were cracking me up too, they got watches for Christmas and every minute they kept telling everyone the time. Let’s just say it was a long ride home for my sister and her boyfriend. lol  Later on my in-laws came over and we had a second round of Holiday cheer. We went late into the night playing Table Topics, I recommend highly, you get to know people really well that way. I learned a bit more about everyone that night. All in all it was a very Merry Christmas. Christmas Day was spent lying around watching some of our favorite holiday movies. Perfect ending to our first family holiday in our new house. I hope your holiday was as wonderful and memorable as our first one in our new house was :). Happy Holidays and Everyone Have a Happy & Safe New Year! x0- laurie marie

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