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    Matthew & Ashley’s Beloved Session: Moments, Motels, and Brewers

    Matthew & Ashley have been together a little over 2 years and this couple definitely has no shortage of fun together. Just observing these two interact with one another was such a treat. It is quite obvious that they spend much of their time laughing and loving one another.

    This Beloved session was really special to have witnessed. There were many laughs, cries and moments of pure joy and I left feeling even more in love with my own beloved. I went straight home to give him a big squeeze and share the love that I had just been part of.

    This shoot had lots of nostalgia floating around too. lol Matthew brought a yellow Florida State vintage tee which his father wore back in the day, brown paint stain and all. Ashley had this amazing wool (may not work in the hotter months lol) vintage dress she picked up thrifting, a couple after my own heart. Being that Matthew lives in Oshkosh and Ashley in Milwaukee they didn’t really have a place all that special to them so they gave me creative freedom and we made it a photo adventure in Oshkosh. Once I saw these magical people and their amazing vintage outfits I knew we had to go hit up the motel. The little motel in downtown Oshkosh in all its glory. I have been eyeing that place up for years waiting for the perfect couple and these two were it!

    Being from Milwaukee, Ashley & Matt are lovers of the Brewers so naturally they brought along their wears :). Ashley had this amazing vintage 70’s jacket and Matthew rocked the jersey. The clothes were amazing but not as incredible as this couple when we finished off the session in a grassy area outside of Oshkosh not too far from where the couple met, the mental institute lol. No they weren’t patients but co-workers. We spent some time out their and I think the height of this shoot happened . I gave them the love letters I had them write-up prior to the session and so much love came pouring thru not only their eyes but also their hearts. Watch the magic of this beloved session unfold…

    Thank you Ashley & Matt for allowing me to be part of your fun-loving lives even if for a few hours. xoxo- laurie marie

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