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    Lifestyle Maternity Session with Kathleen & Sam

    This weekend was full of baby bumps. I spent some time with Kathleen & Sam at their beautiful home in Fond du Lac, where we did their lifestyle maternity session. I met Kathleen & Sam this past summer at Kathleen’s sister Amanda’s wedding. Amanda had her wedding at the beautiful Galloway House and Village (will be blogged soon lol). It was an awesome time and I remembered thinking when I met Kathleen that she was cute as a button. So when she called me to do a lifestyle session, a very special time in their love story, I was more than happy to do so.

    After all, you’re only pregnant for the first time once. I wish that at the time I had my son, Austin, I would have been in a place to do a maternity session. Life passes by so quickly, my baby is now nineteen and unfortunately I will never have these precious images to remember just how small he was and how quickly he changed. All I can do now is give this gift I have to others and hope they enjoy them throughout their family’s history. I decided to start offering lifestyle sessions recently and soon I will be launching my new website for lifestyle, I’m so excited! This type of photography is so important and special. Photography with purpose, “art of the everyday.”

    When I got to the house I was greeted by their adorable dog Lambeau, Packer fans maybe?! Kathleen let me peek in her closet and OMG! This girl’s not only got style but a ton of clothes, I want her closet. It was hugemungous! Kathleen & Sam have the baby’s room just about ready for the new arrival, with all the essentials; furniture, soft cuddly blankets, fluffy friends, Disney Favorites, Little Golden Books, and lots and lots of love. Kathleen & Sam enjoy reading to the baby, one of their favorite books is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. It is one of the sweetest, yet saddest children’s books I’ve ever read but I can see why it’s her favorite. I spent a quick bit reading it, it’s a really beautiful story.

    Kathleen likes reading it to her class sometimes too, she is an elementary school teacher which already makes her patient, compassionate and kind; I mean, the girl handles 1st graders, she’s well equipped. She has such a kind and sweet demeanor , she will be such a wonderful mom. Then there’s Sam, just watching the way Sam supports and loves Kathleen tells me he will make for an amazing dad. These two are going to be amazing parents. The amount of love these two have to give, as well as their kindness and good nature equals the perfect recipe for their new baby. That baby’s been baking in love for the past 7 months. I can’t wait to meet their new baby. Thank you for sharing your home and your adorableness with me. x0- laurie marie

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