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    Letting Go… Saying goodbye to General Newsie

    Letting Go…

    Today’s blog post is a difficult one… It pulls at my heart-strings, it’s about letting go and makes me sad for Amelia and her family. I met Amelia this past winter at a bridal show of all places and we hit it off right away. A few days ago I received an email from her asking me to come do a session with her and her horse Newsie. They recently discovered that Newsie has terminal kidney failure. :(

    I spent the afternoon with Amelia, her mom Becky and Newsie. What an amazing horse,  I enjoyed hearing stories of how Newsie became part of the family, how Amelia spent countless weekends with him at tournaments, and how he has taught her so many wonderful things like patience, compassion and friendship. She even told me how he was the judge of whether or not a boy could date her :). Kind of like a father or brother would do. If Newsie liked him, they were good enough for Amelia. Guess Eric (her fiance) met Newsie’s approval lol.

    My heart goes out to this wonderful family. Today is the day they have to put down a family friend, one who has brought them much joy and love. Today the Aldrich family will have to let go of their beautiful horse Newsie. After 17 years of being part of  their lives they had to make one of the most difficult decision any animal lover ever has to make. The decision to let go… and say goodbye to their beloved friend. I am so  happy I was able to meet such an amazing horse and capture one more beautiful day for Newsie and Amelia before they have to say goodbye…. Sending some much-needed love your way on this difficult day. xo- laurie marie

    Know you are loved and will be missed…
    • Kate Lockwood

      What a beautiful thing to do for them… I’m in awe – very touching. I think this is wonderful and maybe something we need more of in our fast-paced, “get over it and move on” culture.ReplyCancel

    • Amelia Aldrich

      Laurie, I can’t even begin to express to you how thankful we are for these. The images are so far beyond my expectations. We talked about this on Thursday when you came out…How do you begin to say goodbye and thank you to your best friend for 17 years? It’s really impossible, but I think this session allowed us to have those moments that many other horse-parents are never afforded. Most of the time, when these things happen, it’s sudden and unexpected. And while this came up quickly, the blessing was that we had time to organize arrangements and say goodbye. Not that it made letting him go any easier. I’m looking out in the pastures, and still expect to see him munching away, doing his due diligence to keep the grass “trimmed”. He is and was so special, and I am so happy you had the chance to meet him. He is the best teacher, teammate, and partner anyone could have ever asked for. We will never again be so lucky. I just hope that we made his life better in some small way, because he augmented ours beyond words.

      Again, thank you so very much for doing this, and for sharing our grief. We’re heartbroken, of course. I think I’ve probably looked at the pictures on the blog, Facebook, and the gallery about 500 times in the last 24 hours or so, and bawled every time. We miss him so much already. Again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


    • Amelia Aldrich

      Laurie, I can’t even begin to thank you for this. For 17 years, we were partners in crime. :) I didn’t think I believed in soul-mates, but after this past week, I think News was my 4-legged one. We miss him like you can’t imagine.

      He’s so special. We’ve always thought so, and most people that met him thought so too. He was kind, gentle, talented, and patient. You got to hear a bit about his personality-what a character! His appetite for treats was matched only by his willingness to try anything I asked him to. He’d tell you-“You ain’t been a horse till you’ve been a youth kid’s horse! Those buggers make you do all sorts of silly stuff!”.

      This was the perfect way to memorialize him. Thank you for your kindness and willingness to document such a fantastic animal, and for sharing our grief. We love him to the moon and back.


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