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    Inspire Me Bride- Bridal Inspiration for {The Out of The Box Bride}:DIY Brooch Bouquet

    I love brooch bridal bouquets ! They are so pretty and I think they can be a really unique and creative, personal way to walk down the aisle. Why you may ask? Well they are made personally by you, collect pieces from family members which will allow each of them to play a special part in your wedding, they will become a beautiful keepsake forever that won’t die and did I mention they are pretty?

    Recently my bride Sara used one that she made up for her wedding. She told me her grandmother, aunts and mother had all given her their beautiful brooches and pins and she used them to create this stunning bouquet! Love it! Now if you don’t have relatives with some bling you can find some online, in thrift stores or rob a local jewelry store? jk :) There are plenty of places available to get yourself some bling, no worries :)!


    To make your very own bridal brooch bouquet click any of the following resources and get crafty!

    Not feeling so crafty? Here are some alternative sites to purchase your own brooch bouquet

    Brooch bouquets take patience and creativity but you will have a special and meaningful keepsake forever!

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