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    Happy Father’s Day To A Pretty Awesome Guy!

    There are millions of reasons I love my dad of course but this Fathers Day I wanted to list the top 12 reasons I love my dad :). He’s a pretty cool guy and here’s why.

    1. Being the love of my momma’s life for over 42 years

    2. For always being a great provider for our family

    3. For teaching to me to be kind to animals

    4. Teaching me how to rock a hat like you do :)

    5. For being the best grandpa a kid could ask for

    6. I love you for always being there for me when it really counted

    7. Teaching me how to do things like swim, ride a bike and not use too much ketchup

    8. For teaching me bravery like the time you took me on my first roller coaster at Great America… “The Demon”

    9. For being a great &  strong role model in a little boys life who didn’t have a father of his own to look up to and teaching me to just go for it!

    10. For thinking I was always beautiful even through the dorky stages

    11. For all the lectures and times you tried to teach me even when I didn’t want to be taught (see the look on my face lol)

    12. For being you! The man I look up to, who is my big teddy bear. I love you dad :)

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