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    Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin: Women Who Inspire

    Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin: Women Who Inspire

    I got an amazing opportunity to work with a group of young ladies from the Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin in Menasha. Thanks to Megan, one of my clients, we had a conversation about what she does and how she helps young girls. We thought it would be great to do a portrait project for some of the young teen girls in her “Nurture Your Inner Landscape” group. This group is designed for teen girls to help them learn self-love, self-worth and discover their inner and outer beauty and of course have fun! Together Megan & Jean work with these young girls in a 6 week program. They all start out as strangers but from what I saw they become friends who encourage and support one another in the end :). I got to see them all in action! They were working on an art therapy project where each girl’s had to outline of their body onto a big sheet of paper. They had to write comments, compliments and positive thoughts on how each of those parts helps them and what they love about themselves. It was pretty cool to see what they created.

    In the mean time I was working with each girl one by one while the others worked on their art projects. At first Megan & I discussed having hair and makeup done for each of the girls and decided against it. Of course it would be fun to be transformed and be pampered but in the end this session was about showing them their beauty just as they are and I’m so glad we did it the way we did. The girls were told to dress or accessorize however they wished and I love what they came up with. :) These girls were all so amazing and I left feeling so inspired and humbled by their willingness to share themselves with me. This was such an incredible experience for me and I hope it will be for them too. I think Megan & Jean are pretty incredible too and what they are doing is so so important. It’s really hard being a girl sometimes, especially a teenage girl… These facilitators are giving their time and expertise to help these young women through it and I just adore them for it!

    Helping women feel good about themselves is something very close to my heart as well. I think it’s so important to teach self-love at a young age. We are so quick to judge ourselves and one another as young girls. Lets face it, girls can be just straight up mean to each other… It’s really awesome to know that these girls can help to change all that even if it’s just in their small part of the world. It’s small steps that make big changes :).

    These girls have this beautiful inner light and I was able to pull that light and spirit out of each of them. You can just see it in there eyes and I love it! Each of them is truly unique and absolutely gorgeous! I hope they can see what I saw in each of them and that they continue to work on loving themselves :)! I know I work on it each and every day and Im not saying it’s always easy but you should always try! I saw a quote the other day, the same day I took these images… written on my Starbucks sleeve of all places but it spoke to me.

    It said “Know what sparks the light in you. Then use that light to illuminate the world. ” – Oprah

    Ha ha yes, Oprah but I think its’ so true :) Special thanks to Megan, Jean, Family Services of Menasha and especially all the young girls for letting me be part of your group for the day! I wish for you all to find your inner light and share it with the world!  xo- laurie marie
















    To learn more about Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin please visit them here or call Megan at 920-739-4226 ext.211 for more info!

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