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    Exposures Behind The Scenes

    I thought it might be kind of fun to show everyone a little bit of the behind the scenes at Exposures. I work as a freelance stylist for Exposures. What does this mean? Well whenever they need me I will get a call or email and they ask me my availability for a week, two weeks, sometimes a few days depending on the project at hand. I go in and choose images, prep products and setup sets for the photographers. It’s kind of like interior design on a smaller scale. I love it! It inspires me in my own business and I think has made me a better photographer. Now you may ask, why don’t you photograph the products? Well in all honesty I don’t enjoy photographing products, they don’t talk back lol. I am a people person. I love meeting people, building relationships with them and hearing their stories. I find people fascinating. Photographing people feeds my soul and styling fuels my creativity!

    If you are not familiar what Exposures is or does… Exposures carries products to preserve all of your little moments in life. Albums, frames, storage boxes, magazine files, custom products and more! They help preserve what is priceless. Which I will get into in another post, but back to the subject at hand. Well with all of these products comes a photo shoot so these fine products can be placed in a catalog to be sent out to the amazing customers of Exposures or put online for your viewing pleasure :)!

    How It Works

    Several days, sometimes weeks prior to the shoot. I will go into Exposures and go through literally thousands of images customers have sent in over the years and continue to send. There is a huge wall of storage boxes with thousands of families, pets, people, places and things.  I have a special place in my heart for the customers of Exposures. Some I have never met and yet I feel that having seen their photographs over the years that I know them just a bit. I have watched kids grow up through the years seeing theses images and families bringing new members into their family. It’s really neat. I especially love all of the vintage images people send in! I always wonder what was happening at that time or what is the story behind the images. It inspires me greatly! I also love seeing parts of the world that people have traveled like Australia, Eygpt, Rome and Italy. In a strange little way I get to escape to new places through their images…  For fun I have started my own little pile of celebrity look alikes that I thought might be fun to show you sometime. Exposures might make a little contest out of it someday.

    Photos galore!

    So what do I do with all of these images after I go through them, right? Well, depending on the time of year or theme of the catalog I come up with little stories through imagery. Maybe it’s a travel theme or birthday…perhaps a wedding? Just depends what we are working on. See, we work 3-4 months ahead of time, so when its summer outside we are working on fall or winter inside. That took some getting used to. It’s difficult to find lawn chairs and beach chairs in the dead of winter in Wisconsin ! :)

    Once the images have been selected and approved I prep all of the products. So what does this mean? I put images in frames, design album spreads, cut and tie ribbons… whatever it takes to prepare the products so they look great for the photographers.

    The Shoot

    Then lights camera action. Months ahead of time designers and buyers decide on a look for the catalog and feel. Then together with stylists, designers and art directors, ideas and inspiration are honed down to come up with a concept or theme for the catalog. Wall colors, furniture and decor choices etc. sometimes we go on location to get the perfect shot! But as a team, designers, photographers, stylists and buyers work together to bring you the catalog that arrives on your doorstep. A lot of love and hard work goes into the making of these catalogs and its really exciting for all of us to see the end result! I always love to see the latest catalog arrive at my home to see what I helped put together :)! The kids think its neat too. My youngest has even done some hand modeling in previous catalogs. lol He thinks he’s famous :)! So cute!

    Good for storage!

    I love selecting photos, too, because I know that the customers of Exposures are getting their images featured in the catalog! Who doesn’t like being famous, right? If you’re not familiar, Exposures has an ongoing program called “Fame and Fortune”. Customers get to send in their images of friends, families, pets, travel, artsy images, whatever they wish. If their image(s) are selected they receive a gift certificate to use in the catalog or online! So not only do they get bragging rights but they get paid to shop too! Awesome! I think its pretty cool, unfortunately I can’t play lol.

    Love these!

    Although I can’t win I do like to shop lol! I don’t recommend anything I don’t believe in 100%, with that said I am a huge fan of the storage boxes! I have tried several companies and styles and I believe they are truly the best. They hold the hundreds of cd’s I have to archive and are made really well. Others I have picked up elsewhere have fallen apart. Love the Hot Pink!!! I also love and use the memory tray in studio as well. I use it on my coffee table in studio to give clients a place to set their beverages and I love to surprise them with their wedding images in it. I love to see their faces when they realize it is them in the tray :)!

    Well, I hope that gives you a little idea of what goes on behind the scenes and some of the processes that lead to you receiving your catalog in the mail or viewing images online :)! Be sure to send in your photos, you never know when I’ll pick the next winners!  Send me some caramel brownies and I’ll make it happen for you lol jk! I don’t take bribes… So Fun!

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