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    Cook’n with hubby: Poblano and Mushroom Tacos

    Often being self-employed can be a juggling act. When I’m not working I feel guilty, and when I’m working constantly I start to feel like I have no life. Trying to find the balance can be tricky but I’m figuring it out. I’ve really been missing cooking with my hubby lately so we decided we would dedicate Monday nights to cooking, Monday Meal Night. At least one night a week no matter what we will pick out a meal and make it together. It gives us a chance to cook together, which we love, and to eat dinner as a family. So this week it is Poblano and Mushroom Tacos. All I can say is thumbs up and I would definitely make this dish again! It’s low cal and vegetarian :)! Bon Appétit!

    To make this yummy dish yourself click here.

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