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    Streams of Unconsciousness: Cooking Topless Pizza

    Happy Monday, I hope my crazy dreams brings you a little bit of laughter to the start of your week. This week’s stream of unconsciousness leads me to a dream I had back in September. I titled it Cooking Topless Pizza. This one was a little less clear when I woke up but it went something like this :).

    I was waiting for a pizza to be delivered and I was waiting to cook it, apparently they deliver frozen pizzas in my dream? Also I was apparently going to cook it topless?! When the delivery driver came to drop off the pizza it was the width of a car lane. Soon after there was a van that drove up with a bunch of guys and two moms?! They started bullying us for the pizza. They ended up breaking it into pieces and baggied it up to sell it. Keith and Austin were just standing there in shock watching them. It was like a drug deal going down but with giant pizza?!

    Keith and I had been driving and jamming out before the pizza deal went down and I helped a little girl get a job at the Little Farmer. I can’t explain what any of this is about especially why I was going to cook pizza topless?! But what I do know kids is Don’t Do Drugs, especially pizza!

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