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    Streams of Unconsciousness: Cincinnati Dreaming

    This weekend Rachel, one of my best friends, came for a visit and I was telling her about one of my crazy dreams. Over the years she’s heard a lot of them… for quite some time I’ve been writing them down. My counselor Blu had suggested it; she thought it would be a good way to find repeating themes or patterns that might come up regularly. Ha! Good luck Blu! I kid, it has helped a lot and she seems really entertained by them as well :).

    As soon as I wake up from my dream world and as long as I remember (which most of the time I do) I jot it down, it’s really fun to read later. So Rachel and I were talking and she suggested I blog them and after thinking about it I thought sure why not? That might be kind of fun and rather entertaining. So for a while I will be sharing my crazy dream world with all of you out there in internet land. So sit back grab a cup of joe and snuggle into this weird world which is my brain. lol

    First up is a dream I had recently: I called it Cincinnati Dreaming

    I was at a party with a bunch of guys and there were tigers and lions and dogs running around, which some people didn’t like. So they put them in cages outside in the middle of a tall grassy field. One of the guys wanted to take me for a ride so he brought me to a gas station. Apparently he wanted to show me off to his friends. (I have no idea, remember this is a dream lol) Then I left there and headed to a conference in L.A. or somewhere?!

    I was supposed to go to the conference and a few girls were coming along. One girl, Sam, wanted me to drive to Cincinnati to pick her up. I said sure and on the way  Sam would not text me back with where we were to pick her up and so we had to wait around for her.

    We were at this hotel and the other two girls got stuck in the elevator. Like literally stuck. I walked over and one girl was waist deep in the floor of the elevator. We got her out and then they wanted to show me what happened so they did it again. The doors closed and they hit the button and the elevator started moving super fast. Like our-feet-didn’t-touch-the-ground fast. One girl pulled the panels off the floor exposing the cables that were spinning below. She grabbed one of them and sucked all of the air out of it which then made the elevator stop. I got out right away and headed down to the lobby to get sushi. A women greeted me and asked how many in my party. I said 3 and woke up?

    So weird, first off I’ve never been to Cincinnati. Second I’ve only met Sam once in my life and third and more importantly I was woke up worried that no one let those poor tigers, lions and dogs out of their cages lol.

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