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    Chicago Shoot Part One: Jaclyn & Josh Not Really Together But Should Be Engagement Shoot

    Oh where do I begin with these two? Perhaps with the fact they are from Chicago? No. Maybe that they are really great friends? No. How about the fact that these two are super cute and they just happen to break dance!!! lol I immediately fell in love with these two when I went to Chicago to help out a couple of friends with a photo shoot to build their portfolios. We gathered up 13 or so models that day and the ladies did hair, makeup and I was out shooting all day. I had so much fun with everyone but these two were the cherry on the top of my ice cream sundae! Totally up my alley.

    We had a fantastic time on our search for chalk to write on the artist installation near one of my favorite Chicago restaurants M.henriettas (get the bliss cakes! )  and at one point I got these two to show me some of their sweet dance moves. Ok give it up for Jaclyn she even tried gettin’ down in a dress. I felt bad so I had stop lol. She did awesome regardless and the whole time all I could think about was OMG these two should be a couple for real. ha ha I told them to call me when they get engaged lol. Actually I pretty much told them that I better get a text before their parents do. lol Thanks for sharing yourselves Josh & Jaclyn xoxo muuuwaaah!

    Ah, who else believes that these two should be a couple? I do I do!

    • Jennifer Andersen

      OMG! LOVE them! There are so many great ones I don’t think I could pick a favorite. Nice work.ReplyCancel

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