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    Celebrate Life’s Little Accomplishments

    Today is one of those days where I am giddy and squealing on the inside! Maybe its spring fever or maybe it’s because today I flew! “What the heck are you talking about, right?!” Well let me make some sense here :). Since January I’ve been taking classes at Body of Appleton (one of my new happy places) and today in hot yoga for the first time I did flying crow. This pose has been one of the most challenging for me thus far. You have to literally balance your knees onto your elbows! So all of your body weight is balancing on the back of your arms. Finally today I did it! I only flew for a few seconds at a time but I was so excited!

    There has been several moments in classes where I felt the excitement of these little accomplishments. Which got me thinking, not often do we celebrate these little guys :). We like to focus on the big ones like getting our driver’s license, graduating, getting married, giving birth lol. All great for sure… but I think we should also remember to take joy in these small accomplishments as well.

    For me this little one means I’m getting stronger and little by little my body is changing and it feels ah-mazing! It’s incredible what a new outlook and a year will do. This time last year I was struggling to walk and get dressed, now I’m flying! So today celebrate life’s little moments of accomplishments with me, no matter how small it may seem. We can all be little wieners :)! lol (poor on the cheese-whiz)

     Ok now how many of you are trying to balance on the back of your arms now lol?!

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