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    Morgan & Travis’s Bridgewood Wedding

    Morgan & Travis’s Bridgewood Wedding

    Saturday I shot Morgan & Travis’s Bridgewood Wedding and it was so fun! I just love this couple, over the last year or so we have seen men in daisy dukes, laughed about burlap shoots, cooked together (ok so Travis & Morgan cooked and I watched lol) shared stories and they even got me to go to Country USA and they actually got me to enjoy country music! So spending the day with them at their Bridgewood wedding felt like a day celebrating with friends.

    I truly enjoy Morgan and Travis and the love they share with one another. Just in the short time I’ve known them I’ve gotten to witness how they laugh, love and play together and how they make one another better. I just love working with couples like them, they not only make one another better but they keep me believing that love exists and it’s worth celebrating :). It makes me appreciate and love my own husband that much more.

    After dinner we all had a taste of the delicious cake that Cake Anatomy had created for them and they shared the playdate video I made special just for them. The guests loved it and I loved re-living each and every one of those moments we laughed together and the wonderful morning we all spent together hanging out, playing with the dogs and eating crepes :). You can check out the Playdate Showreel for yourself below.

    It has been such a pleasure getting to know them both and I hope we don’t have to break up now that the wedding is over lol. I’d still like to date them :). Ha ha that’s the way I feel with couples like this, I spend all this time getting to know them, building a relationship, and then when it’s all over we break up lol. Well not always, I’ve collected quite a few friends along the way. I can’t help it I want to keep them :). Enjoy some of my favorites from this Bridgewood Wedding! Oh and the guy giving the finger lol. Not my idea, he was jealous he didn’t get to kiss Morgan lol.  xo-laurie marie

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