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    Bridal Tips To Know: How to Pin The Boutonniere

    From one wedding to another, one thing I’ve noticed is that not many people know how to pin on the boutonniere. So if you’re struggling I’ve found a little something that might help your assistants, grandmas, mom’s and helper pin it tight and pin it right :)!

    1. Make sure the flower or boutonniere is facing the correct way, if there are any straggler leaves or wilting pieces, gently pull them off

    2. Pin the boutonniere on the right side of the gentlemen, his left your right

    3. Place it so that the flower is on or just below the broadest part of the lapel

    4. The pin should be under the lapel, and push the point through, over the boutonniere and back under the lapel to hide it on the other side

    5. It should feel secure and your all set :)!

    Need More Help? Check out This Demo On Youtube:

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