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    Boudoir Photos For My Sister

    Boudoir photos for my sister, one of the biggest highlights of last week. My sister had asked me if she could do a boudoir session and I was happy to do so. She’s had a really tough year with a lot of struggles but she’s come out on top and what a great way to celebrate your beauty and independence than with a boudoir session.

    Being that it is my sister I wanted to hook her up with all the fun pampering pleasures that come with a boudoir session. So I called in a favor and had Amanda from The One Makeup Artistry hook her up with a pretty and polished look. It just made the day that much more special getting hair and makeup, my sister is already beautiful but with Amanda’s magical talent it just enhanced her beauty that much more. Here are a few of my personal favorites from the session, thanks for sharing sis. Heather, you look amazing and Tony’s gonna love his lil black book and the boudoir photos! xo- your sis

    boudoir makeup

    boudoir photos

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    beautiful boudoir photos


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