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    Boudoir Photography Oshkosh, WI: Boudoir at the Brayton Bed & Breakfast

    Boudoir Photography Oshkosh, WI: Boudoir at the Brayton Bed & Breakfast 

    I was recently asked to do an interview for NBC on boudoir photography and as a result I’ve gotten calls from women wanting to do boudoir, awesome! One of those calls came from a very special woman, Anne. I had the privilege of photographing Anne this week at the Brayton Bed & Breakfast in Oshkosh. She had never heard of boudoir photography before seeing the interview but once she found out about it there was no turning back! Anne was looking to not only give a wonderful gift for her partner but she wanted to celebrate Anne, so we did! Like most women she was a bit nervous but she very quickly got comfortable and by the end Anne was rocking her boudoir session!

    She had hair and makeup done by Amanda of The One Makeup Artistry and spent the afternoon just feeling good and beautiful. Anne has such an amazing smile and I love the way her eyes would lit up when she’d smile. Just beautiful!

    I loved her reaction after I sent her the gallery too,

    “OMG!!! If you could see me now!! laughing and crying! WOW!!! LOOOVE THEM!!! ALL!!! I am going to have to sit and savor and ponder to find my favorites. I think I would like to tell a story with the images. I may need your help to put the album together.

    thanks so much!!! you ROCK!


    We talked, laughed and shared the afternoon like old friends would, funny how some people you just have a connection with like you’ve known them your whole life. Here are some of my favorites from her boudoir session at the Brayton Bed & Breakfast in Oshkosh. Thank you Anne for sharing your spirit with me, he’s gonna love his gift! xo- laurie marie

    pearl necklace & high heels

    boudoir photography oshkosh
    black & white boudoir photography

    Would you like a morning of beauty and fun? Call today to book your boudoir session, your worth it! 920.251.2218

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