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    Bella’s Birthday :)!

    If you didn’t know Bella is my now 3 year old great dane :). She is the first puppy I ever had of my own. Today marks the third year that we’ve had her and although I have lots of funny/naughty stories to tell about her, I love her very much. I totally get if some of you out there are saying OMG she’s talking about her dog but for those of you who are pet lovers I’m sure you can relate! :) So Ill make it quick and just give a little shout out to the dog who brings so much joy to my life… I love you droopy jowls!~

    This image was the first time I saw her :)

    She was so little and awkward.

    Austin held her all the way come...

    She developed some interesting spots as she got bigger. We found mickey mouse, abraham lincoln and a jigsaw piece!

    The husky (Amber) on the right was not impressed.


    Yup she was small enough at one time to sleep in the laundry basket and she did!

    She would also play ostrich.

    By three months old she was as big as the husky!

    See Mickey Mouse on her nose!

    I love her floppy ears! After reading what they do to them when they crop there ears I felt it was cruel and left them floppy.

    This is Ambers general feeling about Bella.

    Eventually she grew too big for the bed and we had to kick her out. Especially after she ate the mattress!

    No she is not high she just looks this way naturally.

    I love these faces!

    Happy Birthday Bella!

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