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    Baby Bump Session with Trisha & Erich: You, Me & The Duck Makes Three

    Baby Bump Session with Trisha & Erich: You, Me & The Duck Makes Three

    Baby bumps are some of the most beautiful & meaningful images to new parents. It’s especially cool when I get to photograph people I’m close to. Almost a year ago Trisha & Erich came into my life as a new couple ready to elope. They wanted me to be the one to capture their special day and they just never let me go.  On their wedding day it was just the three of us and over the year we developed a wonderful friendship and now they are soon to be bringing a new life into the world. When Trisha asked me to photograph her baby bump, I was thrilled! Once again documenting an important milestone in their lives.

    The nursery is all set and ready for the new addition; baby blankets, furniture, baby books, diapers and cute little furry animals decorate the room. Speaking of cute they got a Build A Bear Bunny as a gift and it had the heartbeat of the baby recorded on it. It’s the most precious thing ever! We spent part of the afternoon at their home doing some of the things that Trisha & Erich do with the baby. Erich loves reading to the baby, one of his favorites is Curious George. He practices often so he can one day recite the book back to the baby. It’s really kind of cute. These two are going to make for great parents.

    Soon after they found out they were pregnant they named the baby Duck. They are keeping the sex of the Duck a surprise. I can’t wait, in just about a month we will all get to meet the newest addition to the family. It’s been a great journey being part of this couples love story and now watching them grow as a family. Can’t wait for the baby shower :)! Thank you guys for sharing your baby bump. xo-laurie marie

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