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    Aissen Tree Farm Engagement Session with Kimberly & Adam

    Aissen Tree Farm Engagement Session with Kimberly & Adam

    This weekend was my first time visiting the Aissen Tree Farm and I can see why Kimberly & Adam wanted to do their session here. When we were collaborating on ideas of where to have our winter adventure, they wanted to go to some of the places that were special to them. Every year, typically the weekend after Thanksgiving they take a little trip to Aissen Tree Farm to cut down their Christmas tree for the holidays. They also load up on wreaths for the house and this past year they had a special tree topper made. Even though they are closed for the season, the kind Aissen family let us use their adorable place for this super fun winter engagement session. I will surely be remembering this place for future tree cutting adventures with my own family.

    After Aissen Tree Farm we headed over to Dana Memorial Farm Conservation & Recreation in Kewaunee, where they have a winter park. It’s so cute! I want to plan a family trip there before the snow is gone. They have snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling trails and tubing! I had no idea this place even existed, it’s an awesome little gem of a place. Growing up, Adam and his friends used to go tubing at the winter park and he said it used to be really dangerous. They would go to the top of the hill and end up flying across the road into the river, one of his friends ended up with a broken collar bone trying to go down it. They’ve definitely made it safer since then. It totally reminds me of when I was a kid. We had an earth home and my sister and I would go sledding off the roof with the neighbor kids and we always ended up across the road too. One year my neighbor ran over my moms newly planted tree, so I got out the scotch tape and fixed it up lol. Funny thing, it grew back. When my mom found out she really wasn’t that mad since it grew back and all lol.

    We played around there for a while, Kimberly and Adam brought their toboggan, toboggans sure seem a lot bigger when you’re a kid. lol I couldn’t stop laughing because no matter where we walked I ended up stuck in a snow drift up to my knees  (#shortpeopleproblems). Regardless, the day was really fun and we ended it at Adam’s uncle’s where we made a fire and hung out for a while warming up. Adam’s family cracks me up too, every year they collect wreaths and then hang them in the trees outside his uncle’s place. It made the trees look extra festive and gave a bit of whimsy to it all. I can’t wait to meet them at the wedding this coming June! Thanks Kimberly & Adam for a sharing bits of your childhood and where you grew up with me! xo- laurie marie


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    tree farm engagement session

    tree farm engagement session
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