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    7 Myth’s About Wedding Planners

    I recently received a package in the mail from my good friend Jami from Details Planning Company and it had some really interesting information about the myths of wedding planners I thought I’d share with everyone :). To sum it up…

    1. I CAN’T AFFORD ONE– Enlist early in the game, you can actually save money by utilizing their expertise and professional contacts. Previous Details’ clients have more than recouped their fees through expert negotiations and experience in how to maximize your dollars.

    2. MY FAMILY & FRIENDS ARE HELPING– Your friends and family are wonderful and it’s great you have their support. Wouldn’t it be great for those people to enjoy your wedding day with you? Besides, you might be surprised at the strain and stress that can be placed on even the best of relationships.

    3. I’M REALLY CREATIVE  & ORGANIZED– Great! That makes their job easier as planners! Most couples underestimate the amount of time that is involved in coordinating even the smallest wedding. On average 250-400 hrs of planning. That’s alot of relax time!

    4. I WANT TO MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS- They want you to! :) They are just there to guide you through the process, reduce stress and present you with options and ideas you may have never thought of.

    5. MY VENUE HAS A WEDDING COORDINATOR- That is a title given to a venue sales person . Their expertise typically relates only to their facilities. Not the big picture, i.e. Your Wedding Day!

    6. YOU’LL TRY TO PUSH ITEMS I CAN’T AFFORD- Not Details! Once you fill out their questionnaire  and meet them in person they will get a realistic idea of what you desire and need. You give them your total budget for the event , and they will help put together a detailed budget  for your flowers, photographer , dj etc… and that will become the guideline and is tweaked throughout the planning process as decisions are made.

    7. I’VE ALREADY SELECTED MY SUPPLIERS- It feels great to have it done right! But do you know when follow-up appointments should be? Have you completed time lines? What about deposits and balances? When will they arrive? Who will oversee delivery? Who gets tipped? What order should the processional be? Receiving line? Who’s toasting, grandma needs wheelchair access, the sound system isn’t working…

    I will say I have been working with planners for  a while and I believed some of the myths before as well. I’m sooo glad Jami sent me this because it really gives you alot to think about. As someone who did plan her entire wedding including make her own invites (OMG crazy!)… If I had to do it again I wouldn’t do it without a planner!

    If you want to know more or if your just curious give Details a call 920.364.02012! Or check them out online

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